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The Yellow Ribbon Foundation has never been the first name that springs to mind when people think of supporting the Armed Forces, however if we were to ask if they remember the “wear a yellow ribbon for our heroes” campaign run by the News of the World in March 2003, even now it still rings many a bell.

Our 2003 campaign asked people to look outside the box. Put your political opinions aside for a moment, and instead focus on simply showing respect and support to the British Armed Forces who work selflessly in often very difficult situations. Not just those involved in the conflict in Iraq, but the forgotten personnel still involved after many years with peacekeeping tasks in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan; those enduring the Fire Strikes and Foot & Mouth crisis here in the UK, and more still providing humanitarian aid in locations all over the world at a moment's notice.
The Yellow Ribbon Foundation, a registered non-profit private limited company, had two main purposes:

to provide informal and impartial support to anyone with a British Armed Forces connection including military welfare;
to encourage public support for the Armed Forces regardless of the politics of the job;

From the first tri-service online community forums - meaning families could keep in touch instantly through private messaging, chat room and message board facilities - through to gift boxes for the families back home and the first ever "Support our forces" awareness week, The Yellow Ribbon Foundation devoted it’s time to creating a positive image of of our Armed Forces and all that comes with the lifestyle.  We even managed to get a permanent "Welcome Home" banner erected in the Arrivals Hall of RAF Brize Norton, thereby ensuring that each and every serving individual knows how much we appreciate them.

“Yellow Ribbon for the Forces Week” which we celebrated for 8 years at the end of March, likewise our “Christmas Candle of Hope” remembering families spending Christmas apart, were both been groundbreaking events that have been supported by Chiefs of Staff, Government Heads, senior politicians and even our own Royal Family as well as numerous Embassies and Consulates worldwide.

All this, and more, brought to you from the dining room and shed of an RAF married quarter first in North East Scotland and then in the heart of Oxfordshire by one very dedicated and proud military wife - Victoria Evans - who, as well as running The YRF, held a full time job and looked after her RAF husband and 3 children.  A testament to the resilience and resourcefulness of all our military families, and very much the reason why the Ministry of Defence wrote in 2006 :

        "The Yellow Ribbon Foundation is highly respected and regarded as a responsible organisation here at the MOD."

As we said, The Yellow Ribbon Foundation may not be the first name that springs to mind when you think of supporting the Armed Forces but for all our quiet modesty you will find that when it comes to supporting our serving personnel worldwide in the 21st century, The YRF led the way in 2003 and it's ethos will live on for many years to come.

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